That morning I stared at your profile
For as long as it appeared infinity
Seen you several times before
Bit my lower lip
Wondering how your eyes would look back at me

Mustering up my courage
I knocked on your window
Forgetting all about it
Till I saw your note

Love lost
Skipped a heart beat
And said to myself
Now or never
It began with apprehensions
Tight as a knot in my gut
I asked for time
You said I have to speed up
Silent I was
When you flared that moment
Thinking is this what I want

A few minutes to myself
Felt like a decade
Closed my eyes and grit my teeth
Something about you
Had already stirred my soul

I’d never find that out
Had I stepped back
As I now look at it
’twas the best kick from my gut

When I lay my eyes on you
That very moment I knew
You are already mine
To be cherished for
As long as I breathe,
Lie in a coffin
Reduce to ashes and settle as dust

Fallen I am for you
Like I never before did
I nod in harmony
To the musical notes you leave behind
For every word you say,
I answer “I do”


Love Chemicals

Did I invite something

I thought
As I stepped in your car
Uncertainty looming around
Like the nimbus cloud

Nervous I glanced at you
Gulping hard, remembering how you’d defined the date

The first hug, and I leapt
The back of your knuckle traversing down my wrist
The intertwining of our fingers
Sparking a bolt of electricity through me
It felt being home
As your arm went round my waist
And you pulled me closer
To where I could hear you breathe

My heart raced
As you placed your hand over mine
The ease with which you held it steadfast
The wheel and the move
I grimaced and closed my eyes
We kissed
And it felt home yet again

You gazed into my eyes and I let you in
Baring a piece of my soul
For you to touch
Before I knew, I was flushing hot
And you mirrored it

That moment when I desired you
More than the obvious
Strengthened in thought
When it felt home again
As we crossed those ogling eyes

That night sleep evaded
However hard I tried
My subconscious obediently outlining a silhouette
Love chemicals striking me
Left, right and center
I loved the smell of you on me
The way it felt when your skin touched mine
The tenderness in your eyes
Said to myself,
I would do everything I have in me, to keep you

My waking to my last thought before I sleep
Is all about you and me
I still smell you
When I close my eyes and focus
So many conversations among us,
And the desire to become one

Frightened whether it’s lust that arouses me
Or it’s stronger than the passing storm

I see light when I see you
And it feels like home again
When you hold me close to your chest
Kiss me passionately
And look at me with those tender eyes

Meekly I agree within
There is an ache
That refuses to go
Which can’t tell what lays ahead

Glad that the heart took a lead
Secured the one third
Forming a pact with the brain
To do all it can to keep you



Envious I feel when I see it flow
From another mind
That doesn’t belong to mine
The red glow of mystical power
Hypnotising the darkest shades of my shadow

I stretch my hand
To feel the warmth of the fire
That rests atop the mounted carvings
Of good and evil
That surpasses their embodiment

A splinter scorches my soul
Charring a hole in the heart
Reminding me of the magnificence
My thoughts held,
An aeon ago
When I let them loose
To traverse on fields
That knew no boundaries

Today they lie fenced
With invisible barbs
I fear to cross
For its been days I looked that way
A lesser travelled road
With grass as viscous as the sand
That passes through the gaps
Between the fingers
If tightly held

Yet envious I feel
When it flows
From another mind ….. that isn’t mine
Slightly nudging the cup of life
Filled to the brim
With choices to make
Between freedom and entanglement