Beneath the strong exterior
Lies a vulnerable interior
Beneath the steady heart
Lies a weak pulse
Come closer, pull the mask of a stern face
And you shall find a tearful child
Waiting to be hugged and made yours
Tugging away, only as she reminds herself
The world is a battle field
Not for the weak
She shields herself yet again
Masked soul and stealth shoulders
Marching ahead without flinching an eyelid

When The Clouds Open

When the skies become dark
And the rays are fighting hard
To find a way to permeate to the ground
I look up to see the envelope
That seeps through my mood
Somber in its feel, a sniffle on the build
Eye to eye all that meets is a blanket
Black as the hole, grey as the smoke
Fluffed at the center, with a silver tint
That glows at the far edges
Beyond the horizon

It’s when the clouds open
I see a face on the far left
Look down upon me with a grimace
Pain in the look and a pout in shape
Like I perceive it
Yet there’s serenity on the hold
From the sparkles that filter from much above
Blessing the parting formation
At the crest of the darkness

The wider I open myself
I see the pit down below
While disbelief and dismay catches the better of me
Quick as the lightening
I crinkle my forehead
And close myself tight
But now I see the silver lining
Sharp is the glow
Abruptly forcing to open up

A hesitant sounding head
Unsure what it will encounter
When the eyes meet once again
Of the self and the Lord

Stands surprised
Of a face bathing with kindness
Assuring a passage
That lies amidst
A glistening silver bay