This Little Prayer I Say

On stormy dark nights,
And new mornings
Busy afternoons,
And scuffling through evenings
I am afraid of
This little prayer I say
In my mind
“If it’s good for me, make it stay
If not, let it go”

My heart wrenches the next moment
As the roads get empty
Paving the storms to build inside
When the prayer gets answered



Beneath the strong exterior
Lies a vulnerable interior
Beneath the steady heart
Lies a weak pulse
Come closer, pull the mask of a stern face
And you shall find a tearful child
Waiting to be hugged and made yours
Tugging away, only as she reminds herself
The world is a battle field
Not for the weak
She shields herself yet again
Masked soul and stealth shoulders
Marching ahead without flinching an eyelid

Addiction As They Say

The smell of it intoxicates my brain
I can feel my throbbing pulse push my body out
The pressure more than what I can handle
Pushing me to the edge of a burst out
I can feel it falling apart
How badly I still try to hold it tight

The warm blood racing through my mind and to my heart
Burning me from within the flames of angst
As desperation strengthens its grip over me
The desire to get it just this one time for the craving
Tomorrow would begin the process of halting the compulsion
And the thousands of time I go over it in my head
Of not falling to temptations

The mere sight and sense of which
Makes me weak from inside
The inner drool for want of more
Despite the waste it creates of me
And the hollow dump that keeps pilling up

The restlessness when I strive past its prick
The gasping moment of rejection
A dejected me with my soul synchronizing to the tear
Of the crossover the stab dug on my chest

Killing life forms inside out
Screaming my insecurity at the picking hand
Broken hearts of people who care for me
Shattered dreams, I once built for self

Addiction as they say
Kills it all
Much before the coffin closes at the face

Ink Infuse

The smell of the royal blue
That is all pumped and ready to engrave
Gives me a whiff of dilating liquid
Filling my desires with the infuse
Of aroma and reflection
In a body of metal and tube

The flow comes easy
When I have a thousand words to say
Stopping at a point
Scribbling on dog ears, making swirls
When I’m not sure
How to put it right

It knows it all when I hold it upright
And yearns to be uncapped
When lying besides those astray pages
To share my moments every minute
I plan to say it to you

Surprisingly I don’t feel the need to get vocal
When it is around
For it knows me all too well
Shedding gallons of its soul
Blotting my layered pages, deep inside
When I have tears in my eyes
I hide from you

It surely knows it all
When to leave that fragrance on the sheets you read
And when to leave a mark of ink on my fingers
Debarring me to trod further down the memory lane