Love Chemicals

Did I invite something

I thought
As I stepped in your car
Uncertainty looming around
Like the nimbus cloud

Nervous I glanced at you
Gulping hard, remembering how you’d defined the date

The first hug, and I leapt
The back of your knuckle traversing down my wrist
The intertwining of our fingers
Sparking a bolt of electricity through me
It felt being home
As your arm went round my waist
And you pulled me closer
To where I could hear you breathe

My heart raced
As you placed your hand over mine
The ease with which you held it steadfast
The wheel and the move
I grimaced and closed my eyes
We kissed
And it felt home yet again

You gazed into my eyes and I let you in
Baring a piece of my soul
For you to touch
Before I knew, I was flushing hot
And you mirrored it

That moment when I desired you
More than the obvious
Strengthened in thought
When it felt home again
As we crossed those ogling eyes

That night sleep evaded
However hard I tried
My subconscious obediently outlining a silhouette
Love chemicals striking me
Left, right and center
I loved the smell of you on me
The way it felt when your skin touched mine
The tenderness in your eyes
Said to myself,
I would do everything I have in me, to keep you

My waking to my last thought before I sleep
Is all about you and me
I still smell you
When I close my eyes and focus
So many conversations among us,
And the desire to become one

Frightened whether it’s lust that arouses me
Or it’s stronger than the passing storm

I see light when I see you
And it feels like home again
When you hold me close to your chest
Kiss me passionately
And look at me with those tender eyes

Meekly I agree within
There is an ache
That refuses to go
Which can’t tell what lays ahead

Glad that the heart took a lead
Secured the one third
Forming a pact with the brain
To do all it can to keep you


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