That morning I stared at your profile
For as long as it appeared infinity
Seen you several times before
Bit my lower lip
Wondering how your eyes would look back at me

Mustering up my courage
I knocked on your window
Forgetting all about it
Till I saw your note

Love lost
Skipped a heart beat
And said to myself
Now or never
It began with apprehensions
Tight as a knot in my gut
I asked for time
You said I have to speed up
Silent I was
When you flared that moment
Thinking is this what I want

A few minutes to myself
Felt like a decade
Closed my eyes and grit my teeth
Something about you
Had already stirred my soul

I’d never find that out
Had I stepped back
As I now look at it
’twas the best kick from my gut

When I lay my eyes on you
That very moment I knew
You are already mine
To be cherished for
As long as I breathe,
Lie in a coffin
Reduce to ashes and settle as dust

Fallen I am for you
Like I never before did
I nod in harmony
To the musical notes you leave behind
For every word you say,
I answer “I do”


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