I’ve never glanced at you, as much as I do, today
Rubbing the edges, as if it would appear out of nowhere
Feeling the base of where it lay
Turning an invisible band of the solid mass
It once were
Letting my lip traverse the cold metal trail
Left behind
At the place it once lived
The emptiness the finger holds
As it misses the entity
That gave her a definitive look
That of poise, dignity and elegance
A blessing from the woman tribe
Crushed all in a moment of beliefs
Leaving behind a tapered body
A mark to remind its presence
Of the days it were stuck to a page
Hit another metal and grimaced
Of the times the nervous fingers played around it
Pinched and shoved it
Reminiscing the cold sting on the cheek
From the wintry days

Today is different
I feel the change
I feel the absence
Of something that was a part of me
For a while yes, yet a part of me
And now it’s just a memory
Of the glistening white body
Enveloped in a metal band
Placed somewhere among the prophecy
Of the wise men


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