Envious I feel when I see it flow
From another mind
That doesn’t belong to mine
The red glow of mystical power
Hypnotising the darkest shades of my shadow

I stretch my hand
To feel the warmth of the fire
That rests atop the mounted carvings
Of good and evil
That surpasses their embodiment

A splinter scorches my soul
Charring a hole in the heart
Reminding me of the magnificence
My thoughts held,
An aeon ago
When I let them loose
To traverse on fields
That knew no boundaries

Today they lie fenced
With invisible barbs
I fear to cross
For its been days I looked that way
A lesser travelled road
With grass as viscous as the sand
That passes through the gaps
Between the fingers
If tightly held

Yet envious I feel
When it flows
From another mind ….. that isn’t mine
Slightly nudging the cup of life
Filled to the brim
With choices to make
Between freedom and entanglement


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