When The Clouds Open

When the skies become dark
And the rays are fighting hard
To find a way to permeate to the ground
I look up to see the envelope
That seeps through my mood
Somber in its feel, a sniffle on the build
Eye to eye all that meets is a blanket
Black as the hole, grey as the smoke
Fluffed at the center, with a silver tint
That glows at the far edges
Beyond the horizon

It’s when the clouds open
I see a face on the far left
Look down upon me with a grimace
Pain in the look and a pout in shape
Like I perceive it
Yet there’s serenity on the hold
From the sparkles that filter from much above
Blessing the parting formation
At the crest of the darkness

The wider I open myself
I see the pit down below
While disbelief and dismay catches the better of me
Quick as the lightening
I crinkle my forehead
And close myself tight
But now I see the silver lining
Sharp is the glow
Abruptly forcing to open up

A hesitant sounding head
Unsure what it will encounter
When the eyes meet once again
Of the self and the Lord

Stands surprised
Of a face bathing with kindness
Assuring a passage
That lies amidst
A glistening silver bay