The Lyrics That Flows

Wonder why all my poetry’s come for you
Why when your thought comes my way,
All I can think of is a lyrical expression
Things have turned out to be very different from imagined,
Come to realize the potential a human has
To make oneself strong in situations of anguish
The powerful mind of ours,
That decides which memory would do well
And which would rather not be unearthed from its deep remains
I look back to realize what went wrong
What scorched my life across?
Absolute honesty and protracted emotions;
My decision to walk away, with the hope of coming back someday
The oneday am waiting for to rekindle the occasion
Have a mild sketch of the instance too
When I get a life, I would come back again
And you too by then would have gotten yours
Am not completely cut off, you know don’t you
The impromptu tagging I indulge in
Gathering there’s something amiss your end
But I won’t have a line to pick on this time,
For it’s your fight, you need to survive
And you’re the captain of the ship
So you set directions and ways to get things
I trust you wouldn’t just leave things off the hook
And you’d bounce back, no matter how long it takes
And if remotely you’d ever lose your way in between
I’d always be there to dock your ship
At the same strip we decided to rise on the tides
I know not what I am to you,
Know not what you are to me
An invisible force that makes me drive towards it
My inner strength I draw from you
Seem like a perfect soulmate to me
I turn around, and find the same truth
Piercing me through the thickness of the mirror


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