The Light, A Hope Wished For

[My tribute to memoirs of some extraordinary people I have come across in my life, who just added some touch in my being unknowingly, which is beyond expressive gratitude. Some people in everyday life, I never got a chance to thank again!]

I was going through a fellow bloggers post, when I came across one of his write-ups; that reminded me one of my experiences in the similar lines.

Those were the days when interns began, which required commuting between Double Road and Girinagar [in Bangalore, WI office was located at the former location, and college hostel at the latter]. For a day or two, I took an easier way out and went around by autos. But I figured that the auto guy took me on a jolly ride at times, plus I wanted to so go out and commute in the buses. I love traveling by bus, all by myself, with breeze hitting my face, and I retreating to my world.

I picked up courage on the 3rd day, and decided to return back home by bus. Since didn’t pay attention to the locality on the first 2 days, I went about asking people, and guards of  showrooms about the nearest bus stop. When I reached the bus stop, I felt totally helpless, with the language barrier at its max and not knowing which bus plies on what route. After asking several bus conductors and frequently looking at the watch [it clocked 6:15 pm, in  all the questioning, and had hostel limits clicking away] one bus driver simply asked me to climb on and he said he’d leave me at the Shantinagar bus depot. I asked how much, he said Rs. 3/- but he refused to take it, and simply smiled back. Little did I know then that the bus depot was hardly 200 meters, and a walk-able distance. There is where “The Light, a Hope Wished For” appeared.

Maybe I was looking so horrendous and screwed up, I have no idea, but that’s the best bet; when I asked which bus goes to Girinagar, pat came the reply it just went by and that was the last bus. I was in 2 minds, whether stay and look at options, or abandon my high-spirits for today. I was still thinking when the lady who replied about the bus just leaving, pulled my hand and said “come along, this bus will take you till there”.

On the bus, she introduced herself as Jyoti, when we struck a conversation. She was some 26 year old, who resided at Srinagar [btw a locality in Bangalore is called the same] and I didn’t realize her intentions, till she got down at Lalbagh West Gate. That was coz that bus would take her upto her stop, but she decided to help me, and tell me about the bus routes and the transit points if I missed the slot. I never before felt so embarrassed and thankful to a stranger at the same time. She advised I learn the local language to avoid being cheated by people, and she helped me right upto Sita Circle [My hostel was a walk-able 15 mins from this stop].

Though I didn’t really learn Kannada, and my vocabulary restrains to words of necessity; yet that one day is so memorable in my life. Thanks to Jyoti I traveled by BMTC buses every day after that one. I have wonderful memories to cite, and replay in my mind. Thanks to Jyoti, I noted the bus routes that took me to my destination. Thanks to Jyoti, who sensed some apprehension in me, and decided to help this stranger all the way. She acted out of her limits, and I salute the humanness. How so I wished everyday on that bus route 36 C, I could spot Jyoti and smile back at her and thank her. But she just lighted away my nerve and disappeared.


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