Small Wonder

Saw this girl the first day
And didn’t pay much attention like the rest
Wonder how she felt then
There wasn’t much perceptible in the diminutive figure
But the moment she set her foot on stage
Set a fire far and wide
Making a loud statement
That she belongs here and will one day
Own all the paths leading to it
In our memories and her promising potentials
She grew incredibly tall in the months that followed
And nothing seemed stopping her
Not even the five feet that she was
Crossed all roads and jumped all terrains
To reach for the horizon she seeks
Met people, minds across
Waded through murky jungles of condemnation
Being reduced to ashes on numerous occasions
Yet rising and growing each time
Despite soiled knees and grazed elbows
If not for the world, but for herself
Making the stronger her shield from the languishes
Time had in store for the weak and unscrupulous
The thousands of times her ideas were questioned
For the dominance that was shown
In doing things right, the first time
The moments she took hold of
And did it her ways
The blames and the scuffles
And emerging of the phoenix
Undeterred and un-wavered
Today when I look back
I see a girl with toothy smile, clutching a bouquet of roses
With a promising life ahead
Carrying along with her all the good faith she shaped
Among many of us
Some still hidden to be discovered
But the blessings and the words of heartfelt beliefs
Entrusted upon her, waiting to be taken all along
A girl once written off
Proved she doesn’t require to be tall than what she is
Coz she already is unconventionally
With all the confidence oozing in her
And the magic she has within herself
That makes me adore her
For her being the ‘small wonder’ I have a high regard for


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