Outside In

To the world I stand tough and unbreakable
The reins of the path well clinched in my hands
Treading difficult ways, as if I’ve traveled them before
The new ones I seek with much of enthusiasm
The eagerness to benefit something new of it
The charisma that is spread around
And the so many lives it keeps touching
Who look upon to me, as I see in their eyes
The reflection of my decisions
And the dreams they hold, all in harmonization
I see the rebel in me growing
Trying to extinguish the flames around
That keep showing the person I was a decade back
The emerging firmness to emphasize my mind talks
Sometimes creating a bridge between others and myself
So wide that it engulfed the close ones too
Aggressive I may seem, and bitterness may flow through
May be labeled cold, and unresponsive
The gates found locked always to people
Who think of entering into my essence
The smile held onto in all circumstances
The strength of dreaming a universe
A steady nosh of the intellect
Be the difference thought of
Leaving behind all the admonishes
Reflecting at each moment
I’m not afraid of that which can’t touch me
Nothing can create a fissure in my passion
I hold for the likes

Behind the veil, if someone dared to unveil
Would find a man vulnerable
To the ways of the world
The fear within of the unknown
The unspoken truth of the troubled eyes
Hurt almost intertwined with the body
A pot so full of such treasures
Nobody wants to listen
A life waiting to be discovered
Which fills the emptiness
A hand to clutch onto, so tight
Never loose whose grip
Which leads me to the roads, I alone cannot decide
Darkness I reside in to reclaim myself again
These wounds that don’t heal
Drowning them in the pool of storms
Shoveled in one corner of self
Accessible when I loose myself
I don’t want to talk about it,
Just want to wash down it all
Standing at the other side of consciousness
Crushing the inhibitions
I let go, before anybody can let go of me


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