Of Marriage And Woes

One starts coming of age
When one touches 25
They begin to see a self imposed career shift
A unified mission for the hunt
To one which seems insane
And too early for the plunge
For them the fear lingers on
Of the ticking clock that goes 26, 27, 28….

Not far off, others seem to be getting hitched
That adds on to the worries
Of theirs lagging behind in selecting a suitable mate
A name and a house that would promise a destiny untold
A ceremony to bring on new life
Keeping away from the crowds that tantalize
The soul that couldn’t attract and enter the elixir of life

The torment does not end there
It is no more about just loving the other half
No more about companionship
Not at all about belonging with each other
There’s wealth to it that speaks volumes of success
Profession and adding qualifications that ensures the ticket to abundance
Societal affiliations enforcing social presence
Lavish ways of stating their stature

If these weren’t enough to abide by
There is a bigger state to follow
The web no man and woman ever escaped
The strings that stick on to the face
From the very day one is born
That of caste and divisions
Strange it seems, however hard one tries to rise above it
However hard one tries to detour from its touch
One is dragged right back

Were it to survive, it would anyway
If it weren’t, no matter what one did, it would go in vain
The conscience behind the face and the name
Would make it all work
That which lies in the redness of the beating heart
And not which evolved at the turn of decades
From the places that stand for community

Blasphemous it may sound
But how could the lives of two beings
Be guaranteed to be happy and deserving
Just because they intertwined their lives
Based on common grounds of social order
That could make things right from the start
Coz they thought they had everything


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