No Religion

I was born in a house
Miserable to live within
The burden of a vehement existence
My folks couldn’t bear,
So traded me for survival!
I was born in a house
Enveloped by affection
Drew a life full of satisfaction and dignity
My folks believe in my potential
But I was fascinated by carnage

The journey to feel the power
Had me give in to a life of hiding
In those dungeons found a handful of bigots
Who were so small a percentage, yet unconquerable
The hands that were meant to nurture
Were the ones perverted to slaughter
Loosing a count on the beliefs
Once my mother preached about religion
Purity of thought were knocked down
By the winds of fanatism
Who dared look into my eyes
Found a red blaze I wept of blood

I took an aim of all the people who spoke of love
Nations I engulfed in a fire of hatred
Pitting one man against another
For strange reasons no learned man would accept
But these ignoramuses fell into the deadly traps
Of sect, religion and call of manhood
Staining their souls in the flames of disgust
Making the whole world die, an eye for an eye
Sparing not even the mass of earth
Which knows no boundary to confine!
Trying hard to prove their race superior to the other
When all that could differentiate them is their language
I just shot a four dozen of bullets
And they took no time to annihilate faith, among brothers

I chortle at this human race
For they make me feel superior and powerful
I give an inch and they take miles away
Not realizing how badly I want the world to end
For I have no religion in me, compassionate for life
I love being a miscreant, my second nature
On the threshold of being my first
Coz man wouldn’t stop finding me
Until they lost everything
Only if they wandered in search of truth and love
They would realize I am no match to them
Coz the superpower left my abode long before
Somebody they symbolize as God.


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