Ink Infuse

The smell of the royal blue
That is all pumped and ready to engrave
Gives me a whiff of dilating liquid
Filling my desires with the infuse
Of aroma and reflection
In a body of metal and tube

The flow comes easy
When I have a thousand words to say
Stopping at a point
Scribbling on dog ears, making swirls
When I’m not sure
How to put it right

It knows it all when I hold it upright
And yearns to be uncapped
When lying besides those astray pages
To share my moments every minute
I plan to say it to you

Surprisingly I don’t feel the need to get vocal
When it is around
For it knows me all too well
Shedding gallons of its soul
Blotting my layered pages, deep inside
When I have tears in my eyes
I hide from you

It surely knows it all
When to leave that fragrance on the sheets you read
And when to leave a mark of ink on my fingers
Debarring me to trod further down the memory lane


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