Dare To Be Different

What do you want to be
When you grow up?
Maybe a pilot or an actress
A swimmer or an astronaut
A musician or a Sachin Tendulkar
A dancer or a painter
A story teller or a scientist
A rockstar, or a teacher
The grin follows the enthusiasm
After renewed ambitions are pronounced
And then comes a time
Tom foolery is no longer accepted.

What do you want to be
When you grow up?
Maybe an engineer, or a doctor
And a manager later, perhaps
IIT’s and IIM’s beguile the holder
Something below is not accepted
Not to the imagination of the receptacle
But to the feed of the imagination

The process begins its cycle
Nipping the bud at the right time
Jolting of the innocent mind
By the society that watches it
Go about every minute
To secure a track next to the other rat
Not all land in the same league
A little lesser, they settle for
For a promising brighter tomorrow
Pockets all stuffed, the status-quo intact

Together they stand the knowledge quotient of the nation
Pushing themselves, to harp the yield
Hushing the asphyxiation growing within
Every evening, the feel of the misfit
And the next morning, strengthening the surrender for the dependents

Years of slavery, is now beyond tolerance
Attempting a dig, at the yellow pages
Once they dreamt of being
Would realignment satisfy their gut?
Would their inner self reach tranquility?
The fantasy given a mould to shape
Behind protests of the perverse society
Some make it big, at peak of maturity
Whilst others grudgingly get back, to their mundane lives
Compromising to the status-quo.

Questions that hog the mind of the rat in me:

1. Isn’t India tired of Engineers/Doctors/Managers?
2. Why can we appreciate the plethora of possible professions in USA; but give no opportunity alike here?
3. Why cannot we treat all professions with equal dignity?
4. Why do we have a nation full of knowledge workers, yet just 30% employable coz of right knowledge/domain skills?
5. Why we crib about unemployment, when 1 vacancy is fought by 10,000 aspiring candidates?
6. Why we point fingers and criticize those, who dare to be different?
7. And when they succeed, we change colours and yak about their uniqueness?

Dedicated to the latest read, a person who changed his course of profession from the rat race to the dream he desired – Gaurav Dagaonkar


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