Break Free

You looked into my eyes
As if you read me whole
Whatever I did, was a feed to your mouth
Waiting to disseminate all around the kind
That believed it deserved some wallop

My life wasn’t mine anymore
You had lines to pick up
Even when I graced silence
Those scornful eyes, pierced my soul
Was made to do, all that I never wanted
Coz you said I had to
If I were to belong in the society
If I were to keep with the eminence
A hard price to pay, for the fame that didn’t belong to me
That which permeated through pedigree

Botched I always pitied my existence
Found myself surrounded always
With those heavy chains made of hard steel
Unbreakable of its bind, it rotted me inside
Shattering all my revere to million little pieces
That couldn’t be pulled together in a lifetime
For my poise was beaten to pulp and flesh

Nothing seemed to work my way
Till the day the twilight let off its guards
I shed my clothes to see the scar
Run deep from my forehead to the heart
Purple it glowed of pain,
Red it glowed of blood.
Black it shone forlorn of solitude,
Green a streak of new life.

Rebuilding was tough,
For the base had no gravel to hold on to
Thousands of times I fell, lacerating my knees
Crawled on my elbows, till my torso could bear no more
Pungent was the ache, but my soul bellowed
The sound getting louder each passing day
Filling my head with all the frequencies

I refuse to be judged now
By those hungry figures that rejoice celebification
I refuse to be intimidated
By societies proceedings
I am a man who walks alone
Breaking free of the guilt that wasn’t mine
Head held high, my aplomb intact
Breaking free of those mighty clutches
I see form a heap of molten metal now!


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