Awakened India?

They failed in exams
In protest, burnt down the trains
Smashed windows, lighting pyres of glorified vandalism
They are large in numbers
Bandanna headed 20 year old youths
Marching down the road, every second day
Voicing over concerns alien to them
But the 12-3 job gives them surety of meals
They live on the pavements
Roads their playgrounds, and traffic stoppers their bread winners
Those are considerably huge in diameter
But drowned an unsuspecting kid
Who walked past it, finding the way round blocked
These are sacks of rotting grains
Stacked somewhere far in the stores
Away from theft, and away from stark hunger
They sneaked under the cover of the dark
By morning death doomed the city
Mourning the martyrs and the innocents
They said by year end, the place would have electricity
Five years gone by, and lamps still stink with kerosene
It is said to be the pride of the nation
But its dwindling population
May force to opt for another animal
There’s a commitment to reduce child mortality
By two-thirds by 2015
Where two million children die every year
They are worshipped at all major festivals
Yet find their human forms abused at the hands
Of those very followers, that compels ‘Bell Bajao’ campaign

I wait for the 9 o’clock news at ‘NDTV 24*7’
And then stay put at ‘Aaj Tak’ for some while.
My heart grows heavy with the bloodshed around
And the dire conditions that knock the house of my brothers
At some other state down south
I have an uneasy sleep like every night,
Thinking where my country is going
Morning the newspapers would come
‘Times of India’ would speak at the behest
Of all those so many reasons
My 10 fingers couldn’t count
‘The Hindu’ would add on to my shame
Of just sitting back home
Watching incessant telecasts of the campaign
Against the word ‘Chalta Hain’

[Are you a part of an Awakened India?
A group of individuals that belong to the genre of ‘Youth’ have begun this process where no longer they can stand witness to ‘Chalta Hain’. They are on an ambitious movement called “AwakIND“]


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