I have this wish
To feel the face, I looked onto
Every moment I felt low.
To touch the fineness, of the form
Which comforted my fears
To hold hands, warm and tight
What moulded my ideas
I have this wish
I could blink my eyes
Yet see you clear
As if you never faded off my subconscious
You got me out through the worst phases of my life
You talked me out through my greatest mistakes
You thought otherwise when I said am not worth it
I asked you to leave, instead you stayed back
All from a boundary of worldly sayings
I have this wish
To be touched by your energies
I want you to stay
As my condition follows
To emerge from the shackles of your bound inhibitions
Heart in heart, I want you to leave
The intangible truth, lying in the demarcation
That stays forever, tagged to the wish
Which I always will long


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