Wings Of Flight

You give wings to me
But think the flight isn’t safe
You show me the world beyond the nest
But the sky high is only a dream
You make me realise the importance of a worm
But I ought to mark your taste
You talk about the greenery around
And the gladness that should grow within
But the heart is dying and I am bleeding
I desired to take the flight
And explore the new grounds
Bring back new glories and tales of opportunities conquered
I thought nothing could stop me hovering over the cliff
And feeling the spirit to soar higher
Being knocked by the wind and the currents, be rejuvenated each time I dodged them
But my feathers are getting dull
I fear I may shed them prematurely
For I sit on the nest waiting to be directed next
Watching flocks alike pick their path
The flutter of the wings big and small
The initial stumbles and the glide to infinity
You look at them in awe and full of joy
I beat my fluff up and rouse myself ready for the start
But before I take a step higher
You tell me about the dangers below
And the predators above
I rebel for the name of experience I would gain
To become wise like you and pass on the genes to my offsprings
But you think the flight isn’t safe
And restrain me by the name of your astuteness
I already feel like a flightless bird
Wish were in a cage, for I would have known its not my destiny
But here I am in the open, wishing it were not my destiny


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