The Gods Cry

There is this hour
I sit by the window
Watching water droplets kiss the grass
I watch gazingly ahead
Thinking of the day gone by
I cried my heart out and my eyes went dry
This hour the God’s cry, with no hint of their eyes drying
There I see this hapless humming bird flying by my window
As though on a lookout for something
Some more flapping of wings and the Gods show no mercy
I again dwelve into my sadness
The time flies, but it seems the Gods are more in number
The humming bird catches my attention once again
It is the nest that is soaked on my window sil adjoining tree branch
And the humming bird hovering over it
I stand upright to inspect
There be the reason, why the Gods seem to be crying endlessly
The humming birds chicks have knocked the heavens door
This being the welcome song
Suddenly my sadness and sorrow belittles the mood
For my sorrow I cry
And the humming birds sorrow, the Gods cry
For my sorrow, I spend endless nights toiling hard to sleep
And the humming bird sleeps away her sorrow, for the new morning tomorrow
For my sorrow, I remember the harsh words that hurt me
And the humming bird forgets the harsh weather that doomed her chicks
For my sorrow, I wished I could hold on to someone forever
And the humming bird has God to hold on to
For my sorrow, I will die one day too old and suddenly evoked by the pangs stabbing my heart
And the humming bird will be resting in her grave


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