Somewhere In My Heart – 2

The first time I met you, never thought you will come again in my thought
Somewhere in my heart, I never let you go

After nearly 2 years I still have your titled picture
Occasionally glance it off and on

Maybe I made mistakes analysing you, but you know
I’ve loved you all through my heart, deeply and intensly always

The hatred grows within, burning at every glance
The things you did to me, and my precious people

And wished that our memories never faded of my self

Everything is as fresh as if it happened yesterday

I denied and evaded, but I couldn’t deceive myself
I stuck to my decisions, but you shook my base

I can’t believe I got hooked on
It shook everything, but my decisions still stand good

I started loosing control over the feelings, and you grabbed them all along

It was a stab, the pain so hard
I lied I got a life, just to stay away from you
Learnt you too got a life; and never crossed paths

We are not destined to be together, but atleast we can still be friends

The destiny was never there, am thankful for that
It never worked, and you found me too rude; you were too flirty
It was the first times for me, and it was the usual rounds for you
Friends we weren’t ever meant to be, coz things happened accidently
You didnt respect what i did, neither did I find your musings appreciative
I grew over the only thing of yours I possessed,
The memories I tried burying, but everything is evoked as exactly it occurred
I almost forgot I knew you, it was history

Afterall old relations don’t end, when newer one’s never take off

You come back into my life
Simply barging your way, and my curiosity rousing me
The conversation was not so pleasant
I tried looking busy, giving wrong leads
So that you are unable to trace me back
Only to learn later, you indeed got a life
And the life took its own course of action
I gave a little thought, how would it matter now whether I give right or wrong leads
Nothing is taking off
Perhaps its a little gesture of telling me, you’ve got a life forever
And things that were history from both ends
Have been forgotten for good
Yet the familiarity remains


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