A flower that gives life,
Blooms even in harshest adversities,
Thats’ what the name means.

The bud enveloping the petals so firm
Inside lies the secret of life giving power
The juices all white and transparent
No colour biasing and no taste preference

Wherever it positions, creating a climber to hold onto
For the other that is in need
The other may not even have to whisper
Just turn around and give one soulful look
Perhaps that may too not be felt

There are strong vibes that flow through
Of energy at one end, and synergy at the other

The flower that is not infested by pests
Which seemingly keep targeting its stalk

Like the sun advancing the day, and intensifying its glare
Year after year, the reach of the flower expanding by folds
The roots gaining more of ground,
The bark thickening with a strong turf
And the richness being savoured by many
All forming a network of links
Chained together for as long as one can remember
Its the flower that gave life


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