Out Of The Box

I walked by the busy road
Tall and straight and out of the box
Absentminded I crossed the road
Gave a smile to faces that pleased me
In return got some back
The warmth grew in and satiated my minds
A look back and all I could see were silhouettes
Of those who had a smile on their face a while ago
But at the back of the mind, most of the things are a blackhole
Darkness shrouded around every nerve and neuron in the grey mass
Lights of wisdom flow through every minute
But light of hope is long dead
Twitching of muscles cannot evoke the senses long lost
In the jungle of the fast scurrying life
Engulfing every known reddened soul
I stretch my hand to reach the figures
Open my mouth to give a call
All that I hear is a gasp
The narrowed eyes searching hazily for the feelings
The yearning growing stronger lap by lap
What darns me was, I was never noticed
Neither anyone else was
The faces were all pale and distant
Imagination grew by folds
And what remained was
Being out of the box


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