Light Of The Lamp

I stared across the lamp less street
In hope of finding one, where my eyes searched
The focus couldn’t go further, for the darkness haloed over
At one moment I thought I’d better give up
For today no fire flies are there too, who could guide me along the way
I rest by the grand tree across the street
Wishing some one could lead me to the way
Something from within had two opinions to sound
The red thing said, I should return
The grey thing said, its somewhere near
Wonder why the red thing gave up so soon
For I heard the grey thing, and I could see something at a distance
I prayed it wasn’t a mirage,
For I am nowhere in the desert
Its my mind I wander
And the lamp being the beholder of my life
The grand tree being my memories
And the fire flies my well wishers
Someone up above heard my prayers
And I could find the lamp right ahead
Glistening like the brightest star
Who would light my life forever.


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