I Saw This Woman

I saw this woman enter the door
Among several others, she looked effervescent
They walked their usual roads
She broke from the crowd and headed straight

I gave her this glance
Which said, you do stand out from others
She wished another woman
Who was equally pleased
Seeing someone approaching her way
Atleast her grin reflected my thoughts

I came across this woman
More of times that followed
Wondered how she managed to stand out
Each time I saw her, managed a smile cheek to cheek

One such day saw the extraordinariness in her
Felt sad seeing she was differently abled
But it would disgrace her, if I referred her that ways

Yet she had the power
To control the happiness of those several
Who worked around her
And it made me appreciate her more

For she was the blessed one
Picked up by a special God
Who thought there are ways to tell people
Things can be done extraordinarily
Even with the simplicity at work
Greater heights can be achieved
Even with the restrictive forces pulling one down

There’s just that energy that she contains
Which fights back all that pulls down
A woman of sheer enthusiasm
With an attitude that says, she’ll grow
And she’ll keep others happy and cared for.

[A sweet lady I came across during my internship, professionally very sound. She didn’t have fully formed fingers/or they were amputated am not sure off, But she has 2 fingers on one hand and 3 on other, normal than the rest]


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