Dancing In The Rains

The eyes stared back at me
While I was enjoying the breeze
That was hitting my face
And the rains came
Along with thundering storms
Painting the sky purple and black hues
I jumped with the first drop on my hand
And after a little reluctance
Joined the people dancing in the rains
I danced till the cold hit my spine
Till my feet ached with numbness
And I shivered with want of getting warmth
Everything started reacting slower and anesthetized
But the mind was functioning like a machine
Seeming never to stop thinking and believing

I never liked rains
As it made my mood somber
But i needed to wash some guilt off me
And I needed to wince in happiness
Of releasing the pain
I needed to live a new life
All by starting over again
And doing things I feared or disliked
Little moments of enjoying myself
Little moments of celebrating myself
I smiled a bit and let the eyes stare back at me
Wishing tomorrow rains do come
And I soak myself inside out
As have imagined
From the day I lost a friend


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